The White Cerebellum Sign: An Under Recognized Sign of Increased Intracranial Pressure

Authors: Chalela JA, Rothlisberger J, West B, Hays A.

BACKGROUND: The "white cerebellum" sign is a rare imaging finding described mainly in children with hypoxic brain injury.
MATERIALS AND METHODS: Single case report and review of the literature.
FINDINGS: We describe a child with acute bacterial meningitis in whom plain CT and MRI showed the white cerebellum sign. The subtle imagings findings were not recognized and a lumbar puncture was performed. Markedly increased intracranial pressure was documented by lumbar puncture and by placement of an intraparenchymal monitor. Contrary to most prior descriptions the patient made a very good recovery.
CONCLUSIONS: The white cerebellum sign is a subtle imaging finding seen in patients with diffuse cerebral edema, such finding may not be as ominous as previously thought.

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Neurocrit Care. 2013 Apr 16.